Introducing Melissa Thomas

One thing about owning a small business is that you are given the opportunity to meet others and collaborate on projects. We met Melissa through a local creative entrepreneurs organization called Cincy Tuesday's Together. She mentioned that she wanted to add some writing experience to her resume and one of our goals for 2018 is to get our blog up and running. We're so excited to have Melissa write some blogs for us! If you are lucky enough to meet her, please give her a warm welcome. 

Melissa Thomas Profile

"Hello! My name is Melissa and I’ll be helping to share some stories of the latest happenings at The Frock. I’m thrilled to get to contribute and I’m looking forward to getting to know some of you! I’ve spent the last 11 or so years here in Cincinnati at a non-profit working with college students helping to mentor them in their spiritual lives. I love to write, travel, encourage others, and am an unabashed coffee snob. I love the city of Cincinnati and although I grew up about 40 minutes north, this city has always felt like home. Last year I lived and worked in Orlando but I decided to come back because I missed the seasons and the people. I attended Miami University and graduated in 2006. I love going to art museums where I act like I know a lot about art, but I actually just like to read information on the walls. I describe myself as an extroverted introvert because I like my alone time but LOVE making new friends. I’d love to meet you!" - Melissa