Weaving Workshop with Natalie Kaelin

We’ve been seeing the trend of wall weaving décor everywhere recently, so we were so excited to host our friend Natalie Kaelin Home Goods for a workshop on the 101 of weaving! This workshop was so interesting because mostly everyone was trying weaving for the first time, but the basics were seamlessly learned through Natalie’s instruction and homemade looms (her husband handmade them, how cool right?) 

Once learning how to start the process, each piece transformed through the unique style of weaving and creative design patterns. With a yarn assortment of different colors, textures, and size, the weave had so many possibilities so no two pieces looked the same. 

Once you have the basics of weaving, it’s so easy to recreate a piece for family, friends or yourself again for your own home! A huge thanks to Natalie and all the ladies that came out to the workshop. We really enjoyed having your creative energy in our space and we hope your wall hangings found a good place in your home!

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