Introducing Danielle Hale

We're so excited to introduce you to our marketing and event assistant Danielle Hale. She'll helping us with special Frock events and other marketing ideas. Make sure to give her a warm welcome! 


"Hey everyone!
My name is Danielle and I’m the new Marketing and Events Assistant at The Frock. As an avid social media user and professional multitasker, I couldn’t be more excited to take on this position and help all you lovely people plan great things! 

I recently graduated from Miami University in 2017 and studied public relations and marketing as well as learning Spanish. I’ve always had a really strong interest in event planning and bringing people together, so this opportunity is perfect for me as I learn and grow in the industry. Some of my hobbies include travelling, anything coffee related, DIY projects, hiking, and hanging out with any dog that crosses my path. 

I’m originally from Springfield, OH but since moving to Cincinnati I’ve met amazing people and really enjoy exploring the hidden gems of the city. 

In the past, I’ve worked at a music production company, a brewery, a coffee shop, Cincinnati CityBeat and now I also work in a woodshop (which is awesome) because I have so many opportunities to learn skills and meet makers and artists in the area.  

I’m always interested in collaborating on something new and I’ll never turn down the opportunity to meet and plan something awesome, so I hope to meet you soon!" XX Danielle