Friends of The Frock: Eve Floral Co.

We're so excited to share the story behind Eve Floral Co! We're huge fans of Evelyn and the work she does. Keep reading to learn more about her flower business.


What’s the story behind your business? 

I grew up in a flower shop working alongside my mother. She taught me so much about not only the flower world, but how to manage running a small business while being able to support her family. Eventually my brother and I took over the family business until I decided that I wanted to spread my wings and move on to do something I felt more passionate about. So I moved to Cincinnati and started Eve Floral Co. almost 3 years ago where I work out of a home studio that specializes in weddings, events and public flower design workshops. 

What’s one piece of advice you give to your brides? 

Trust your vendors. We are given a lot of "Pinterest" inspiration, but what brides should remember is that we want to make their wedding unlike any other. We spend every day making sure that we know how to best serve each of our clients unique visions and inspiration. If you trust us, we will make sure to deliver something inventive, exciting and inspiring. 

What are some longterm goals you have for your business? 

My little business keeps growing and there are so many avenues and paths that can be taken. I'm so fortunate to be a part of a community of people that embrace and encourage my business to grow. I have several projects and ideas that I have been working on for 2019 that I hope to share with everyone soon!

What should a bride and groom consider when choosing their florist?

I think that each couple should choose their vendors based on the right fit for them. This doesn't always necessarily mean budget. Sometimes the right vendor is worth the value you are receiving for their services. Think of your time with them as an investment. For example, many of us justify purchasing "nicer" clothes or makeup because of it's quality and made with better ingredients. You buy organic and natural products from the store knowing you are being more eco-friendly or you are treating your body well. As a specialty florist, I try hard to support our local economy as much as possible while reducing our carbon footprint by sourcing product grown in Ohio and spending time and energy making sure my clients feel comfortable knowing I am available for them for asking questions. I try not to juggle too much at once so I am calm and level-headed as well as organized for their event. It's stressful enough planning a wedding and your flowers and decor should be a really fun part of the process. 

What’s your favorite place/venue that you’ve worked in? 

I love any venue that has a lot of opportunity for creativity, but I love working with a venue that has a strong, organized team even more. This makes an event go smoothly when vendors are comfortable working together and know each other on a more personal level. There is a level of trust and care taken into account that ensures a successful evening. Some of my favorites in Cincinnati include: The Transept, The Frock (obviously), Rhinegeist and the French House. 


Do you have a favorite flower? 

Great question! I have had many over the years, but I have a big flower crush on a flower called Foxglove. More specifically a variety called Peach Dalmation. Their blooms are this beautiful shade of peachy-apricot and they will remind many of a snapdragon, but much larger and have a lot of texture and depth. 


What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love learning about new flowers and what's blooming in season, but I have learned my favorite thing about having this business are the friends I meet and the relationships I get to form. Whether I meet a new bride and her family through our meetings that lead up to her wedding day, or other vendors in the industry I love the people that make this business worth getting out of bed for everyday. It's true when they say if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.